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Investigative Journalism. Period.

Investigative journalism, a practice of delving deep into the heart of a matter, uncovering hidden truths and stories, that lay obscured from the public gaze. Through the use of diligent research, document analysis, interviews and other methods, we seek to uncover the corruption, fraud and misconduct that plagues our society, holding the powerful accountable and bringing transparency to the forefront.

Our Journalistic Process


Research & Fact-Finding

We first gather information and facts about the topic, conduct interviews, review documents, and using online research tools. We verify the information to use multiple sources and to ensure accuracy.


Analysis & Synthesis

Once we have the gathered information, we analyze and synthesize the data to uncover patterns, connections, and potential leads. It involves using data visualization tools, creating timelines and identifying key players in the story.


Writing & Reporting

We involve in drafting a narrative, creating charts, or producing articles to accompany the story. We believe it’s important to use a clear, compelling style to engage the reader and to be transparent about the sources and methods.

Our Approach

Our approach towards journalism.

In-depth Investigations

Our investigations are thorough, well-researched, and well-sourced, providing a detailed look at the issues and uncovering the truth behind the story.

Transparency and Ethics

We follow the highest standards of journalism ethics and transparency, ensuring the accuracy of our reporting and being open about our methods and sources.

Multi-media Story Telling

We use a variety of multimedia elements such as videos, images, audio recordings and infographics to supplement our investigations, making them more engaging and accessible for readers.

About – Jaidip Speaks

With a passion for the written word, a desire to uncover the truth.

A student of Journalism and Mass Communication, I (Jaidip Subedi) am driven to delve deep into the heart of a matter, and bring hidden stories to light.

My interest in investigative journalism, in particular, fuels my desire to expose corruption and hold the powerful accountable. I am determined to use my skills and knowledge to shed light on the truth and inform the public.